CoachCare Analysis Reveals Mobile App Users Lose Significantly More Weight Than Non-App Users

Teaser Text: CoachCare, a digital health startup, looked at registered weight loss patients over a 12-week period and monitored both app users and non-app users. They found that app users lost significantly more weight and had much better retention rates.

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New York (PRWEB) – February 28, 2019 – CoachCare, a technology startup that offers a digital health platform for weight loss physicians, coaches and their patients, has recently released internal data proving patients that use a mobile app significantly improve their weight loss outcomes. Specifically, the company’s analysis showed that over a 12-week period, app users lost 86.3% more weight than non-app users, and had a 30.2% higher retention rate. This data is significant as it shows that patients have more success losing weight when they use a mobile app and stay with their clinic longer.

“It’s well known that mobile apps are great motivators when it comes to wellness and weight loss goals,” said CoachCare CEO Andrew Zengilowski. “We wanted to study our current clients’ patients to see how much better they might be performing in their programs when using our customized mobile apps versus using no digital technology at all. The numbers are very exciting for weight loss providers and patients alike.”

Weight loss clinics are seeing the importance of using digital health technologies in their practice in order to stay competitive with well-known commercial programs. With a growing desire by patients to have a more engaged approach to weight loss, it makes sense for clinic owners to pay attention to numbers like the ones CoachCare revealed in their study.

“These are numbers weight loss clinic owners simply can’t ignore,” said Zengilowski. “They show that patients not only want these types of apps to be available to them when they are being treated, but also, that they will use them consistently and get powerful results.”

For more information on the CoachCare platform, visit their website or call (512) 826-2263 to speak to a sales representative and schedule a demo.

About CoachCare

CoachCare helps health clinics across a number of specialties improve retention, referrals and revenue by encouraging 24/ 7 patient-clinic engagement and simplifying daily complexities through a custom-branded patient mobile app, clinical dashboard, and connected proprietary scales and trackers. Request more info here.